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2019 Midwest Area Schedule

07/27: KC Open Pro (9WS)
07/28: KC Open Gold (9WS)
08/16: US GC Classic
08/17: US GC Classic
08/17: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)

02/01: 2020 MCA Annual General Meeting

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Big Time Finish for Griffith

LEE'S SUMMIT, MISSOURI -- With the challenging turf at Howard Park, the Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament lines out to be the MCA's equivalent to cycling's Paris Roubaix. On Saturday, the cool temperatures and steady winds added to the atmosphere as 25 dedicated croquet players took to the courts across four divisions.


The Pro Division lived up to the epic conditions as Matt Griffith met Greg Clouse in the final. Griffith was looking for his sixth tournament win while Clouse continued his quest for his first title since the 2013 Stilwell Open. As the game developed, Griffith seemed to have the advantage, but Clouse carefully clawed his way back into the game and in the final minutes held a 20-16 lead off a break that ran out from the turn to 13PW.

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2016 Lee's Summit Early Results

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO - It was a windy and cold day at the 2016 Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament yesterday at Howard Park as 25 croquet warriors went into battle. A full report will be posted later, but here are your early results:

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2016 Lee's Summit T-Bone Gold Schedule

The Gold Division for the 2016 Lee's Summit Tournament will have two blocks of three players. The top two players from each block will advance to the playoffs. Schedule follows:


8:30 AM - J. Adams / E. Mondt
9:45 AM - S.J. Cole / E. Mondt
11:00 AM - J. Adams / S.J. Cole


8:30 AM - N. Oberg / E. Kemp
9:45 AM - S. Jackson / E. Kemp
11:00 AM - N. Oberg / S. Jackson


A1 vs B2, B1 vs A2

FINAL - 2:15 PM

Updated website information on the Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament will appear here: 

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GC Test Announced: Kansas vs Missouri

The MCA has announced Saturday, May 21, 2016, as the date for a new golf croquet team test to be held at Kactus Creek Croquet Club in Parkville, Missouri. Full details are still under discussion, but the concept lines out as a test between three-player teams representing Kansas and Missouri. Dylan Goodwin will captain the Kansas team and Matt Griffith will captain the Missouri team. 

The format will include one doubles game and three rounds of singles games. That means all players will play against all of the players from the other side. If the series is tied, one final doubles game will be played. The game format is likely to be seven-point games with 75-minute time limits.

Right now, the captains are starting the process of selecting two teammates each with the primary requirement being that they must be a resident of the state that they represent on the date of the event.

Missouri has a deeper pool of players to pull from as Griffith and Steve Jackson both carry international GC rankings. Kansas currently has no players with official ranked golf croquet game experience.

"Selection will be a bit subjective for the launch of this event," said Goodwin. "The key is to just give this a trial in year one and if we like it, I suspect you'll see a more formal selection process next year. You might even see some selection events develop out of this."

One detail that has been decided is that the event will forgo treating the test games as ranked GC games. However, it will move toward that in year two.

Goodwin said, "This is something I've wanted to try for several years and I want to keep it simple and make it fun. With the USCA Midwest Regionals being hosted here in Kansas City as a golf croquet event in June, it seemed like the perfect time to give it a go."


MCA News: 2016 AGM Date

LEAWOOD, KS -- The MCA has announced the 2016 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2016. Details on the venue and exact time are not yet set, but the MCA will provide those within the next week. The event is set to be held in the south Kansas City area and is expected to follow a format similar to previous years.

2016 SUNFLOWER WICKETS: The Mahaffie Farmstead has targeted Friday, June 3, 2016 for the Annual Sunflower Wickets Benefit and the MCA will again provide equipment, tournament management and officiating.

FLORIDA GC REGIONAL: MCA members Matt Griffith and Stephen Jackson played in the USCA's Florida GC Regional over the weekend. Griffith was upset in the quarterfinals by Michael Albert. Jackson made it to the semifinals where he fell to Albert 7-2, 7-4. Prior to the event, Griffith was ranked #8 in the US while Jackson was #23.


Jackson Wins USCA First Flight Doubles Title

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA -- MCA members Matt Griffith and Steve Jackson travelled west this week for the 2014 USCA Golf Croquet Nationals in Rancho Mirage, California. Jackson partnered with California local Pat Dugan and they scored national title in first flight doubles with a 7-5, 7-4 win over Gary Neal and Richard Kennedy in the final (playoff bracket).

Jackson also made some noise in the first flight singles bracket as he gave favorite Michael Rumbin a real fight in a match that went three games but ultimately fell 5-7, 7-5, 6-7.

Griffith played at the champioship level in preparation for the upcoming WCF GC World Championships to be held in February in New Zealand. The event featured the toughest GC field it has seen in many years and had 36 total entrants. He was 3-6 in block play with notable wins over Leo McBride and Stephen Morgan. He was 1-2 in the plate event.


MCA Crowns 2014 Champions

BELTON, MO -- The second annual MCA Championship was held yesterday in Belton, Missouri with Matt Griffith taking the MCA Pro Championship with a 26-19 win over Jason Johnson. It was Griffith's second straight tourney win and he is now riding an eight-game winning streak and is undefeated in MCA play.

The overall Pro Race standings remained unchanged as Dylan Goodwin finished with 442 points on a 17-5 record to claim the Goodwin World Media MCA Pro Points race and the top prize of $100. Greg Adams took second with 320 points and a 10-8 record to claim second place and a $50 payout. Ron Millican held third place with 278 points on a 5-11 record and a $30 payout.

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MCA Silver Lineup Shifts

LEAWOOD, KS -- Nate Benz has dropped from the Silver Championship, so all players have moved up one spot. There is a last-minute bid that has been sent out for the final #8 seed, but to date it has not been accepted. Updated matchups follow:

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MCA Silver Division Playoff Line-ups

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Updated on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 7:38AM by Registered CommenterMCA Website Admin

LEAWOOD, KS -- Eight players have qualified and accepted bids to play in the MCA Silver Championship on September 13, 2014, in Belton, Missouri. The matchups follow:

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PARKVILLE, MO -- Nate Benz survived a field of nine to claim the Kansas City Open Silver Division title with a 10-8 win over Steve Jackson. The win was the third straight Silver title for Benz and should help extend his lead in the Silver Points race.

Benz and Jackson played a tight game for the full 50-minutes in front of a nice gallery on the Kactus Creek Croquet Club veranda which sits right up next to the court. Most of the Silver Division players stayed to watch the final and several of the Pro-Gold players came by to enjoy the action as well.

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