Event Director

The event director is the organizer of the event and will manage all aspects of promotion and execution of the event. The event director should appoint representatives to act in the following roles or assume those duties: marketing, reporting/photography, amenities, equipment/court set up and tournament manager.

The event director may act as or assign the role tournament manager. The tournament manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Final authority on rules and regulations for the event, including the authority to render a final decision on matters not addressed by the rulebook
  • Officiating, naming additional officials and managing the officials
  • Arranging the format and schedule for the event in accordance with MCA tournament regulations and procedures
  • Place players in appropriate playing divisions based on available information
  • Equipment and court set-up. This responsibility may be assigned to an equipment/facilities manager.

An event director may act as or assign the role of event manager. The event manager’s duties include all aspects of promotion, event signage, sponsorship, prizes, food, photography, video, media coverage and amenities for the event.


The role of an assigned official is to:

  • As requested by the striker or opponent, observe, judge and announce the legality of any shot
  • Utilize available facts to mediate and resolve disputes between players according to the official rules
  • For any situation that appears to not be addressed in the rules, the official must make a fair judgment based on the most objective information available. The official should also report any such scenario to the Rules & Competition Committee in order that the rule book may be corrected or expanded if necessary.

Player’s Roles and Rights

1. Either player may request an official to observe, judge and announce the legality of any shot.
2. If both players agree, any individual may be asked to watch a shot to determine the following:

  • If a ball contacts another ball
  • If a ball for the turn stake contacts the turn stake
  • If a rover ball contacts the finishing stake

3. A player may appeal an official interpretation of the rules to the lead official. The lead official will render a final decision in a timely manner to allow the event to proceed.
4. A player may make an appeal to the Rules & Competition Committee relative to any official tournament or game scenario after an event. An appeal should be made within 15 days of the conclusion of the event.

Official Intervention

An official shall not intervene in a game unless requested by the players, except in the following scenarios:

  • To correct improper clip placement
  • To correct the misplacement of balls
  • To make time announcements
  • To correct the deadness board
  • To forestall any out of turn play
  • To forestall a striker mistakenly striking a ball in the other game in double-banked game scenarios
  • To forestall an unearned continuation shot

If an official does not forestall an unearned continuation shot, play shall be stopped as soon as the error is discovered and affected balls shall be placed where they were when the unearned continuation shot was taken. The game should continue with all conditions reverted to the point before the unearned shot. If there is disagreement on resetting the game, an official should be called to render a judgement.