2018 Midwest Area Schedule

01/27: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (East)
05/05: 2018 Lee's Summit T-Bone (9WS)
06/16: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
06/17: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
07/28: KC Open (9WS)
08/18: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
09/15: MCA 9WS Championship (9WS)
11/16: 2017 MCA Awards

01/26: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (South)

BOLD = MCA Tournaments



KC Open Coming to Parkville July 27 and 28

Updated on Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 5:10PM by Registered CommenterMCA Website Admin

PARKVILLE, Mo.—Nine-wicket croquet returns to Kactus Creek Croquet Club July 27-28, when the Midwest Croquet Association holds the KC Open tournament there for the sixth consecutive year.

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Beta Results: 2018 MCA Club-City Competition

The MCA Statistics Committee prototyped a Club-City Competition during the 2018 season. More information about the concept and the previous standings are available here: Proposed Club-City Championship 

The final 2018 results are below with Kactus Creek Croquet Club dominating the standings and the play as the largest club

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9WS Career Records Update

Over the years, the MCA generated a lot of statistics through the Nine Wicket Series with all games being recorded and tracked for each points race. Working with Darin Watson, we started in 2017 to shift from spreadsheet records to an actual lightweight database. That concluded last fall and it now presents the opportunity to present a deeper set of statistics for players and fans. It also allows us to offer new stats like net and will help with updating the 9W Index more often.

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Canceled: 2019 Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo.—Because heavy rains this week have caused poor court conditions, the MCA is canceling the 2019 Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament.

Organizers have compared the field where the courts were to be located to a marsh this week. Today, the courts look too wet and muddy to prepare and provide a fun croquet experience.

Thank you to those who signed up as well as the MCA members who invited newer players to step up their game.

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Last Call for Lee's Summit: 2019 T-Bone Tournament Signups Close Tuesday

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo.—Twelve players, enough for six teams, have signed up to play in the Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament on Saturday, May 4. Review the list of players.

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Bring a Friend to the Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo.—Midwest Croquet Association members decided to revamp the format of the 2019 Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament during the Annual General Meeting on Saturday.

But the MCA needs your help, quickly.

The MCA is asking that members recruit a partner to participate in a Member-Guest-style doubles tournament. Consider this year's Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament to be a "high-low" tournament in which a more-skilled player is paired with a less-skilled player. Or think of it like a Pro-Am tournament.

The goal is to kick off the croquet season alongside friends, significant others or relatives who don't often find themselves running three-ball breaks. We want others to experience the game and the MCA. The event will be fun, social, interactive and less competitive than MCA Nine Wicket Series events of the past.

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10th Annual Sunflower Wickets Croquet Tournament Scheduled for June 7

OLATHE, Kan.—On Friday, June 7, the MCA will support the 10th annual Sunflower Wickets Croquet Tournament, which benefits Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm education programs and events.

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2019 MCA Annual General Meeting Scheduled for April 20

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo.—MCA members will meet to discuss the 2018 and 2019 seasons at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 20, in Lee's Summit.

The meeting will be hosted by the Millicans at 905 SW Loula Lane, Lee’s Summit, MO 65801.

Anyone who would like to suggest an agenda item may do so by leaving a comment on this blog post.


Survey: Are You Interested in Playing in the Lee’s Summit T-Bone Tournament in 2019?

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo.—Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament event organizers are asking players to express whether they are interested in playing in this year's tournament, which would take place May 4 at a new location.

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Era of Domination Continues

Matt Griffith put an exclamation point on his fourth straight MCA Pro Nine Wicket Series win as he took me down 26-24 in yesterday's final at the 2018 MCA Championship at Kactus Creek Croquet Club in Parkville, Missouri.

In reality, Griffith had pretty much claimed the 9WS Series by the time the final started as he held a 30-point lead at the start of the game. I did make a go of it with an out-game approach with blue, but it didn't take Griffith long to get in and wrap up the Cup chase by taking yellow through wicket #3.

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