MCA Nine-Wicket Series

The MCA Nine-Wicket Series is a season-long points race based on wicket and stake points scored in singles events. The race includes multiple divisions and the player with the most points at the end of the season in each division receives a travelling trophy.

Additionally, the points race is used to qualify for the final MCA Tournament Championship. For 2018, the top eight players in each division (Pro, Gold and Silver) will qualify for the single-elimination event held each September. Points earned in the MCA Championship count toward the overall points races and the winners of these races will be awarded the MCA Pro, Gold and Silver Cups. The winners of the MCA Championship tournament are presented with the Pro, Gold and Silver Shields.

In the past, the MCA Championship also included a free six-ball* event for all players that make the event. The six-ball event was also open to non-qualified players with a fee.

*Six Ball Croquet -- also known as backyard croquet, cutthroat croquet, family croquet, pirate croquet, etc.