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2019 Midwest Area Schedule

07/27: KC Open Pro (9WS)
07/28: KC Open Gold (9WS)
08/16: US GC Classic
08/17: US GC Classic
08/17: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)

02/01: 2020 MCA Annual General Meeting

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Entries in Kansas City Croquet (10)


Wicket & Peg Char Bar Cup Croquet Tournament Comes to Westport in September

Westport will be the place to be on Wednesdays in September, when the inaugural Wicket + Peg Char Bar Cup croquet tournament is in action with support from the MCA.

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Missouri Open Lands in Belton on July 8

The 2017 Midwest Croquet Association Nine Wicket Series resumes with the Missouri Open on July 8 at Eagles' Landing Golf Course in Belton, Mo.

Registration is open through June 30.

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2015 MCA Gold Division New Game Times

BELTON,  MO -- The 2015 MCA Championship lost one player in Six Ball and added another for the Gold Division Championship. The new times for the Gold Division follow. The Six Ball times are the same, but the new line-up is posted below:

GOLD DIVISION - 12:40 PM, Saturday, September 19, 2015

12:40 PM -- ROUND ONE
#4 Debbie Breeden vs #5 Ellie Kemp

#1 Deborah Millican vs 4/5 Winner
#2 Bill Berg vs #3 Jodi Adams


SIX-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP - 6:00 PM, Friday, September 18, 2015

Top three finishers from each game advance to the final at approximately 7:25 p.m.

Qualifier 1 -- 6:00 PM
Dylan Goodwin
Deborah Millican
Bill Berg
Josh Reed 
Brevin Millican
Cade Millican

Qualifier 2 -- 6:00 p.m.
Ron Millican
Jason Johnson
Di Berg
Darin Watson
Gwyneth Bowen
Renee Potter

Markey Park
615 Markey Rd
Belton, MO 64012

We are still able to take up to six more players for the Six Ball Championship on Friday evening. It is a free event for MCA members and $10 for non-members. Contact if you would like to participate.


2015 Missouri Open - Silver Schedule

BELTON, MO - The 2015 Missouri Open Silver Division will play a four-game round-robin format at Saturday's event. Games will start at 12:15 p.m.

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Members Ready for USCA 9W Nationals

KANSAS CITY, MO -- This Friday the USCA returns to Kansas City with the Nine Wicket National Championship to be held at Liberty Memorial (press release). The event runs through Sunday and the MCA will have the following members targeting a national title:

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PeakVision Leawood Challenge: Miller Begins Streak

Miller and Clouse in the Pro FinalLEAWOOD, KS -- Paul Miller took his second straight MCA tournament with a 28-16 win over Greg Clouse in the Pro Division Final of the PeakVision Leawood Challenge. In the Gold Division, Deborah Millican took the title with a 21-7 win over Bill Berg in the final.


In the Pro Division final, Clouse looked to be in good shape as he ran his break through the turn until he croqueted a ball out of bounds near 11PW from the turn stake area with a hand shot. That's right, Clouse got enough power on the nine-wicket style hand stop shot to travel at least 30 feet. Of course, the game was held on court two which was the fastest of the three courts, and in this case it was costly for Clouse.

He did have a chance later in the game, but he roqueted his partner to work on an attack toward blue with his red ball. Unfortunately, he was dead on blue and in an odd twist Miller mentioned it to him before he actually hit the blue ball. Still, it was a damaging error and it helped Miller snatch control of the game.

Not only was it Miller's second straight tourney win, but he's also got a nine-game winning streak going as he was a perfect 6-0 in the event.

Gold FinalistsGold Final Experiences Sequence Issues

The Gold Division Final between Berg and Millican will mainly be remembered for a lengthy delay due to a potential out of sequence play midway through the game. Unfortunately, although something appeared to be out of whack, neither player could piece together the actual sequence error.

Play had to continue as the balls lay. It seemed to fire up Millican though as she went on a tear shortly after to roll to a 21-7 win. Berg was the only player to work in six games during the event so fatigue could have also been a factor.

Prize Package

Click to Find Out More About PeakVision's SD7 ModelKansas City Croquet Club member Paul Moore and CEO/Founder of PeakVision Sports came through with a great set of prizes. Finalists in both divisions were each awarded a of pair PeakVision Sunglasses.

Pro Playoff Results

#3 Robert Fournier over #6 Greg Adams 27-15
#4 Ron Millican over #5 Dylan Goodwin 21-17 

#2 Greg Clouse over #3 Robert Fournier 22-21
#1 Paul Miller over #4 Ron Millican 28-14

#1 Paul Miller over #2 Greg Clouse 28-16

Gold Playoff Results

#4 S. Jason Cole over #5 Keith Berg 23-12
#3 Bill Berg over #6 Carl Distefano 10

#1 Deborah Millican over #4 S. Jason Cole 22-14
#3 Bill Berg over #2 Jason Johnson 15-11

#1 Deborah Millican over #3 Bill Berg 21-7


PeakVision Sponsorship for Leawood MCA Event

PeakVision Sunglasses has signed on as the official sponsor for Saturday's Leawood Challenge. The company designs sunglasses optimized for golf and that translates perfectly to croquet. PeakVision, which is based in Overland Park, will be covering the prizes for both the Pro Division and Gold Division as part of their sponsorship. You can learn more about PeakVision Sunglasses at, but here's a bit of a primer:

The science behind PeakVision’s hybrid, Dual-Zone lens technology is based on the principal that it is impossible for a solid-tint sunglass lens to optimize your vision for both the bright sky AND the turf.  When light-meter measurements are taken on the golf course, the lighting extremes range from 82,732 LUX for the sky down to only 3,122 LUX for the grass turf.  The lighting for ground-based viewing is less than 4% of the ambient light in the sky.


Breeden is Kansas City's AC Champion

Parkville, MO -- Billy Bob Breeden came into the final day of the Kansas City Association Championship with a perfect 6-0 record and a three game lead. He finished the event with a 2-2 record on the final day and claimed the first annual KC AC title with an 8-2 record. Matt Smith and Dylan Goodwin finished with 6-4 records and Smith took second place by virtue of a 2-1 head-to-head advantage. Special thanks to Debbie Breeden who provided lunches to the four players for the second and third rounds. Also, thanks to Matt Griffith and the Kactus Creek Croquet Club for providing the venue and court. All indications are that the event will return for 2012.

1. Billy Bob Breeden
2. Matt Smith
3. Dylan Goodwin
4. Matt Griffith


August 13

Matt Smith                  beat     Matt Griffith               +24
Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Dylan Goodwin          +9
Dylan  Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +11
Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Matt Smith                  +17
Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Matt Griffith               +7
Dylan Goodwin          beat     Matt Smith                  +7

October 23

 Matt Smith                 beat     Matt Griffith               +5
 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Dylan Goodwin          +6
 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Smith                  +3
 Dylan Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +1
 Matt Smith                 beat     Dylan Goodwin          +7
 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Griffith               +3

November 4

 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Smith                  +4
 Dylan Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +9
 Dylan Goodwin         beat     Billy Bob Breeden      +12
 Matt Smith                 beat     Matt Griffith               +2
 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Griffith               +6
 Matt Smith                 beat     Dylan Goodwin          +15
 Dylan Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +1
 Matt Smith                 beat     Billy Bob Breeden      +25


2011 MCA Schedule Expands

04/09 -- Central Missouri University Open (GC) / Warrensburg, MO
Contact: Matt Smith ( / UCM Croquet webpage

05/26-30 -- USCA Midwest Regional (US) / Tulsa Croquet Club, Tulsa, OK
Contact: Erica Sherman (561-478-0760) (

06/04 -- Sunflower Wickets Benefit (GC) / Mahaffie Farmstead, Olathe, KS
Contact: Visit the Sunflower Wickets webpage

06/18 -- Lee's Summit Open (9W) / Lee's Summit, MO
Contact: Ron Millican (

07/02 -- Kactus Creek Fun Day (GC) / Kactus Creek Croquet Club, Parkville, MO
Contact: Matt Griffith ( /

07/09 -- KCCC 1st Flt (US)/ Kactus Creek Croquet Club, Parkville, MO
Contact: Matt Griffith ( /

07/16 -- KCCC Champ Flt (US) / Kactus Creek Croquet Club, Parkville, MO
Contact: Matt Griffith ( /

09/16-18 -- USCA Nine Wicket Nationals (9W) / Mid-America Sports Complex, Shawnee, KS
Contact: Matt Griffith ( /


2011 Early Tourney Dates

There are a few Midwestern Region Tourney dates floating around:

Mar 18-20 / Arkadelphia 9W Tournament / Arkadelphia, Arkansas
May 26-30 / USCA Midwestern Regionals (US) / Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jun 4 / Sunflower Wickets Benefit / Olathe, Kansas
Sep 16-18 / USCA Nine-Wicket Nationals / Shawnee, Kansas