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Record-Breaking Day for Griffith

BELTON, MO -- Matt Griffith steam-rolled his way to a record fourth-straight MCA Nine Wicket Series tournament win claiming a 32-6 win over Greg Clouse in the final at the 2015 Missouri Open at Eagles' Landing Golf Course in Belton, Missouri on Saturday. And with the deepest, 10-player Pro Division in MCA 9WS history, it's not like the rest of the field didn't give it their all on ending Griffith's reign over MCA tournament titles.


The day started with Griffith tying Paul Miller's 15-game win streak record with a first round 22-16 win over Jason Johnson. The streak ended there though as he then fell to Dylan Goodwin 14-10 as they battled on court three which proved to be the toughest court of the day.

Griffith then went into overdrive as he rattled off four-straight pegout wins to set a season record for pegouts, a tournament record for pegouts and now has eight career pegouts for another record. And during that run, he was able to payback Goodwin with a 32-5 pegout in the semifinals.

Deborah MillicanIn the Gold Division, Deborah Millican with 3-1 in the four-game round robin to claim first place. Three players finished 2-2 and Bill Berg claimed second place with 97 wickets on the day. Nathan Oberg (2-2) had 86 points, Jodi Adams (2-2) had 83 points while Debbie Breeden (1-3) rounded out the balanced group with 79 points.

The Silver Division featured a dramatic finish as Ellie Kemp rolled in to the fourth round of the five player round-robin format with a 3-0 record. She faced off against Di Berg looking to clinch the Silver title, but fell 10-8 in a close on. That meant Berg, Kemp and Justin Marciniak with one loss each could potentially forge a three-way tie with the winner being decided by gross points.

Kemp had the last round bye, so she got to watch as Marciniak faced off against newcomer Trevor Adams and Berg took on Darin Watson. Berg was told she needed to win and score 22 if Marciniak won his game. Marciniak needed a pegout to win. As it turned out, Marciniak fell in final turns to Adams 7-6 and Berg followed instructions carefully as she won 22-9 over Watson. She took first place by virtue of the head-to-head win over Kemp, who claimed the second place medal.

The Bronze Division had two players on Friday night and ended up with just three players.  Due to scheduling contraints, the first game was shortened and also started during the most steady rain of the day on court three. A fourth ball was randomly shot to center court to give this developing division more options for offense. Gwyneth Bowen took the win in game one.

For the second game, Bronze moved to court two and enjoyed dry weather in a longer and higher scoring game. Renee Potter won with 12 wickets. Overall, Gwyneth Bowen took first place with 15 points on the day, with Potter in just behind with 14 points. Elizabeth Goodwin finished with nine points on the day. 


  • The event went on as scheduled, but players did get to endure a pretty steady rain throughout the mid-portion of the day.
  • Greg Clouse has come up one game short in the last two events, but he has now made the final in five of the 11 MCA 9WS events. Dylan Goodwin has reached the final six times. Matt Griffith and Paul Miller have each made four appearances in the title game. Greg Adams, Matt Baird and Jason Johnson all have reached the final one time. 
  • No official count was made, but it had to be a record-setting day for referee clarifications. The MCA is working on listing out the issues of the day and publishing them as Rules Recaps.
  • In Gold Division play Deborah Millican notched her second Gold tournament title and that matches Bill Berg and Taylor Airrington who also have two wins each. Jason Johnson is still the king of Gold with three titles.


Billy Bob Breeden 32, Keith Berg 11
Greg Clouse 32, Ron Millican 12
Dylan Goodwin 19, Paul Miller 11
Matt Griffith 32, Jason Johnson 11

Greg Clouse 21, Billy Bob Breeden 15
Matt Griffith 32, Dylan Goodwin 5

Matt Griffith 32, Greg Clouse 6 

1. Deborah Millican 3-1 (100 pts)
2. Bill Berg 2-2 (97 pts)
3. Nathan Oberg 2-2 (86 pts)
4. Jodi Adams 2-2 (83 pts)
5. Debbie Breeden 1-3 (79 pts)

1. Di Berg 3-1 (47 pts)
2. Ellie Kemp 3-1 (46 pts)
3. Justin Marciniak 2-2 (23 pts)
4. Darin Watson 1-3 (38 pts)
5. Trevor Adams 1-3 (39 pts) 

1. Gwyneth Bowen -- 15 pts
2. Renee Potter -- 14 pts
3. Elizabeth Goodwin -- 9 pts

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Reader Comments (5)

How many turns did it take Matt to peg out in his games?

June 14, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterFord Fay

Don't really have a count on the turns, but his peg out games were 32-6, 32-11, 32-5 and 32-6 ... so there was some inter-activity. In the final with Clouse, I didn't see it but Clouse did get out on the court and did have an error to leave balls on the court. In my game (semi-final), Griffith used the 9W Chernobyl, so there was a good round of turns. I did a little two ball to get through the fourth wicket (partner was for 2). I actually set up about six feet apart on the north boundary near corner three. He scored the first two wickets with his Chernobyl yellow and attacked into the corner ball. He got enough behind the partner ball to cut rush it out to the center wicket (#4). He then picked up his partner which was on the side line near #3. With an easy croquet shot he was off an running. He left me about a 60 ft shot for the hit in. I missed by a quarter inch. He went around and left his partner set for rover and pegged out. Left me a 25 foot shot straight on at my partner on the boundary. I hit it but it was probably 1/8 inch over the center on the line.

June 14, 2015 | Registered CommenterMCA Website Admin

Thanks Dylan for the info. Have you ever seen a player on his first turn run the court with 6 balls?

June 16, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterFord Fay

Who is the player in 17 + 20 jpg photos? I noticed she is playing with an AirHeart mallet.

June 16, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterFord Fay

Ford -- On question 1, yes -- that is a pretty easy scenario. It only takes one person to stuff #2 and game over.

Playing with the AirHeart is Gold Division leader Deborah Millican.

June 16, 2015 | Registered CommenterMCA Website Admin

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