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2019 Midwest Area Schedule

07/27: KC Open Pro (9WS)
07/28: KC Open Gold (9WS)
08/16: US GC Classic
08/17: US GC Classic
08/17: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)

02/01: 2020 MCA Annual General Meeting

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MCA Championship Date Feedback II

LEAWOOD, KS -- All feedback to date has indicated a preference to keep the MCA Championship on September 13 for 2014. This is the second weekend following Labor Day and the idea is to establish this as the annual target for the event.

All members are encouraged to provide feedback this week ( as the the MCA would like to move forward on securing a venue and establishing the full season schedule.


2014 Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO - MCA member Ron Millican has announced that the 2014 Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament will be held May 17 at Howard Park in Lee's Summit, MO. This is the same location the event was held in 2013. The event is part of the MCA Tour Nine-Wicket Series and is hosted by Ron and Deborah Millican and Greg and Jodi Adams. More details will follow on this event and there is active progress for additional MCA events for 2014.


2014 AGM Meeting: February 22

The 2014 MCA AGM and Planning meeting is set for Saturday, February 22 in north Kansas City, Missouri. Billy Bob and Debbie Breeden are hosting the meeting and all current MCA members are invited to attend. The meeting starts at 11:00 a.m. and lunch will be provided at noon. If you plan to attend, please RSVP by February 10 so we can make proper lunch arrangements by contacting Dylan Goodwin at

Anticipated topics include the 2014 MCA 9W Schedule, nine-wicket rules, fundraiser opportunities, club eligibility, premium membership tiers and division of responsibilities. If you have items you would like to add to the agenda, please send your item to Dylan Goodwin at

Feedback Requested on 2014 MCA Championship Date

As we prepare for the 2014 MCA Tour, I would like to get member feedback on the concept of setting the annual MCA Championship tournament for the second weekend after Labor Day going forward. For 2014, that would be the weekend of September 13. The idea with this concept is that the tournament would fall on that weekend each year and all members could plan well ahead for the date.

This will be an agenda item at the 2014 AGM, so if you are unable to attend and you want to voice your opinion, please let me know in advance by e-mailing me at

Thank you,
Dylan Goodwin | MCA President



2013 Final Gold Division Standings

RankFirstLastGPWinsLossesTotal WicketsWicket Average
7S. JasonCole2113718.50

2013 Final Pro Division Standings

RankFirstLastGPWinsLossesTotal WicketsWicket Average
14S. JasonCole3124013.33

Pro Division points are earned from Pro Division playoff games and open/Pro Division block games. Due to open block games, it is possible for Gold Division players to earn points in both the Pro Division and the Gold Division. It is also possible for a Gold Division player to qualify for the MCA Championship in both or all divisions.

The tiebreaker for qualifying is wins, head-to-head record, average wickets per game, average net per game, playoff.

Updated 9.16.2013

2013 MCA Championship: Miller Sweeps the Pro Division

BELTON, MO - It didn't necessarily come easy, but Paul Miller from Eldorado, KS finished strong to claim both the 2013 MCA Pro Point Series and the MCA Pro Championship. As the number one seed, Miller started off with a 26-24 nail-biter against number eight seed Jodi Adams. A loss there would have certainly damaged Millers chances in the overall points race.

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2013 MCA Championship: Gold Division Full of Surprises

BELTON, MO - The 2013 MCA Gold Division Championship offered a day full of surprises. The scene was set with both Bill Berg and Deborah Millican looking to snatch the overall points title as leader Jason Johnson was unable to attend the event. Essentially, both Millican and Berg had a great chance to pass Johnson just by advancing.

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2013 MCA Championship: Pro Division Bracket

The match-ups and times are set for the Pro Division Championship Playoff to be held Saturdary, September 14 at Markey Park in in Belton, MO. The play-off is single-elimination. Lunch is not included, but there will be a gap provided for all players and there plenty of restaurant options near the facility. The event is free for qualified MCA members. Non-members that have qualified will simply need to join the MCA and can do that by paying the membership fee of $20 Saturday morning.

Quarterfinals - 8:30 a.m.
#1 Paul Miller vs #8 Jodi Adams
#4 Robert Fournier vs #5 Ron Millican
#3 Dylan Goodwin vs #6 Greg Adams
#2 Greg Clouse vs #7 Deborah Millican 

Semi-Finals - 9:45 a.m.
1-8 winner vs 4-5 winner
3-6 winner vs 2-7 winner

Pro Division Final - Noon

A six-ball (cut-throat) will run during this event as well. The first match in six ball will start at 10:00 a.m. and will include Bill Berg and Keith Berg. Debbie Millican will also be in this match if she is available. The rest of that match will be filled with losing players from the first round of the pro bracket. The second six ball match will be scheduled as players are available with the six-ball championship taking place at 2:45 p.m.

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MCA Championship to Belton

The 2013 MCA Championship will be played at Markey Park in Belton, MO on Saturday, September 14. The event will feature a single-elimination tournament for the top eight finishers in the Pro Division and another single elimination bracket for the top finishers in the Gold Division. Seeds will be based on standings in the points race and invitations will sent this week to begin confirming the line-up.'

To ensure more than one game for a all players, the event will also feature a six-ball cut-throat tournament that will begin in the afternoon for players eliminated in the early rounds of each bracket. The initial thought was to run a doubles bracket, but six ball will provide a quicker option and also ties to the roots of the MCA and Kansas City Croquet.

Starting times will be announced once the line-ups have been set.

The MCA Championship is a free tournament for MCA members. Non-members will simply be asked to join the MCA at the $20 membership rate in order to participate.