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2013 MCA Championship: Miller Sweeps the Pro Division

Miller (L) receives the MCA Pro Points Trophy from Goodwin

BELTON, MO - It didn't necessarily come easy, but Paul Miller from Eldorado, KS finished strong to claim both the 2013 MCA Pro Point Series and the MCA Pro Championship. As the number one seed, Miller started off with a 26-24 nail-biter against number eight seed Jodi Adams. A loss there would have certainly damaged Millers chances in the overall points race.


In the semi-finals, he faced fellow El Dorado rival Robert Fournier (#4 seed) and jumped out early and cruised to an easy 32-6 win that gave him a birth in the final and also clinched the points race.

Goodwin mistakenly sets a rush

In the final, he matched up against number three seed Dylan Goodwin, who advanced after a tight 17-16 win over nunber two seed Greg Clouse. That game had a strange ending as Clouse actually had a one-point lead with his last ball in last turns, but didn't realize hit. Goodwin's ball ball was set in front of wicket three. He made it long to get near two balls past wicket five. With the score tied it took him two attempts to set a rush that would allow him to get back to the winning wicket at #4. The second attempt was behind a ball near wicket seven and it all played out from there for the win.

The final between Miller and Goodwin played out as a tight defensive battle with Goodwin spending virtually all of the game partner dead. Miller was hung up on a bit of deadness as well throughout, but managed to work out to an 18-10 lead as time ran out.

Goodwin had his balls set for a two-ball break at number five. He made that and as he went into the turn had an incredible bit of good luck as he richocheted off the stanchion on wicket six to make seven in the same shot. With the extra bonus shot, he picked up the yellow ball off the north border (about 12 feet from the center to the east) and brought it into play. Just when it looked like he'd have the balls needed to finish out, he nailed the peg then mysteriously set himself a rush behind yellow for the nine-point wicket thinking he had two shots off the peg. After he took the shot, the error was declared and the game ended with Miller as champion 18-13.

When asked about the error, Goodwin said, "I have no idea. I've hit that turn peg a million times. The only thing I can think of is the extra shots off the two wickets threw me out the proper mind set. It's definitely the dumbest way I've ever lost a game."

Overall, the event was considered great cap to a first MCA Nine-Wicket season as the grass was fast for nine-wicket standards and the weather was beautiful.

The MCA offered an open Six-Ball Championship for all particpants and Goodwin faired better there as he was able to win both his qualifier and the championship. He pegged out both games before time expired. Ron Millican won the morning qualifier. Goodwin and Millican were joined by Greg Clouse, Greg Adams, Bill Berg and Jodi Adams in the final.

For a report on the Gold Division Championship, visit this link: 

1. Paul Miller
2. Dylan Goodwin
3. Greg Clouse
3. Robert Fournier
5. Greg Adams
5. Jodi Adams
5. Deborah Millican
5. Ron Millican 

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