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MCA States Shield: Missouri Wins 7-3

Missouri's Deborah Millican on her way to a test-clinching victory with a 7-4 win over Ellie Kemp

PARKVILLE, MO -- The veteran Missouri team didn't leave much to chance in the final rounds of the inaugural MCA States Shield held on Saturday morning at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club in Parkville, Missouri as they rolled to a 7-3 win over Kansas.


Starting the day with a 2-1 advantage, they jumped out fast on Kansas in Round Three to push the advantage to 4-1. Darin Watson for Kansas put up a good fight against Deborah Millican, but she eventually closed out with a 7-4 win. In the second game, Missouri's Steve Jackson with his #25 US ranking was able to manage a 7-1 win over Ellie Kemp.

Missouri Team (L to R): Jackson, Millican and Griffith (C). Click to ZoomIn Round Four, the challenge was bigger for Kemp as she got to take on Matt Griffith who carries a #8 US GC ranking. She took the early lead at 1-0, but Griffith settled in for a 7-1 lead and pushed the advantage to 5-1, just one win away from clinching the test. But in the second game, Dylan Goodwin for Kansas was able to get the early advantage against Millican and appeared to be ready to cruise in for the win. Millican though heated up in the last several wickets and the game extended as there were long battles at hoops seven, eight and nine. Goodwin eventually closed it out though with a 7-2 win to keep Kansas alive, but trailing 5-2 overall.

In Round Five, Millican and Kemp squared off in a good battle as Kemp again jumped out 1-0. But the game remained tight as they worked through the front half with a 3-3 score. Millican again raised her form and this time she was able to get control and take a 7-4 win to clinch the test for Missouri.

Jackson took on Watson in the following game and he played to his ranking with a 7-2 win and an overall 7-2 test lead. 

With the test clinched for Missour, the final game between the two captains was all about pride and Kansas trying to keep the overall score just a bit more respectable. Goodwin played Blue/Black based on the overall test back and forth and utilized that advantage to get to a 2-1 lead early. He then was able to extend out during the middle section of the game and took a 6-2 lead as they cleared hoop #8. Griffith battled hard at #9 and #10 to push it close the gap to 6-4. Goodwin finally found the right opportunity though and managed the 7-4 win to bring the test to a close at 7-3 for Missouri.

As the dust settled, it was clear Steve Jackson was the MVP as he was the only player to win all three of his singles games.

There was also much discussion about adding two more state teams for 2017, so stay tuned as MCA president Goodwin plans to start almost immediately on the 2017 event.

"I feel good about the format," said Goodwin. "It's a no-brainer to get in two more teams for 2017 and the real question is could we accelerate the timeline and add a second quad of state teams next year instead of 2018."


Thursday -- May 19, 2016

KS: Goodwin/Watson 7, Griffith/Jackson 5 (KS 1-0)
MO: M. Griffith 7, D. Watson 4 (Tied 1-1)
MO: S. Jackson 7, D. Goodwin 5 (MO 2-1) 

Saturday -- May 21, 2016

MO: D. Millican 7, D Watson 4 (MO 3-1)
MO: S. Jackson 7, E. Kemp 2 (MO 4-1)

MO: M. Griffith 7, E. Kemp 1 (MO 5-1) 
KS: D. Goodwin 7, D. Millican 2 (MO 5-2)

MO: D. Millican 7, E. Kemp 4 (MO 6-2)
MO: S. Jackson 7, D. Watson 2 (MO 7-2)

KS: D. Goodwin 7, M Griffith 4

Tiebreaker 1/3 doubles game not needed.

Missouri outscored Kansas 60-43 in total wickets.

FINAL: Missouri 7, Kansas 3 

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