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Millican Wins 2015 Six Ball Championship

Darin Watson was ready for the rain on Friday nightCROQUET, INTERRUPTED

BELTON, MO -- After a long night of rain delays and tornado sirens, Deborah Millican went on a last ball last turns run to claim the 2015 MCA Six Ball Championship under the lights at Markey Park this evening in Belton, Missouri. The fun started when Dylan Goodwin started a late run but peeled Jason Johnson's blue ball to clear him of severe deadness at wicket five. Goodwin broke down but picked back up another break to start last turns that ended after a missed roquet after 12PW.

Deborah Millican (L)


Free of deadness, Johnson pieced together a break that looked like it would go the distance. Unfortunately, he dribbled through 11PW and had a hampered shot on the roquet. When he missed, Millican picked it up anc started her break at wicket six. She went all the way around, but as the last ball, the game ended when she cleared 13PW.

01. Deborah Millican - 13
02. Dylan Goodwin - 12
03. Jason Johnson - 11
04. Di Berg - 3
05. Ron Millican - 3
06. Renee Potter - 3 

01. Dylan Goodwin - 16
02. Di Berg - 12
03. Darin Watson - 10
04. Cade Millican - 7

01. Jason Johnson - 16
02. Deborah Millican - 16
03. Brevin Millican - 11
04. Gwyneth Bowen - 7

01. Ron Millican - 11
02. Renee Potter - 6
03. Bill Berg - 6
04. Amy Romines - 5
05. Josh Reed - 4 

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