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Goodwin and Airrington Repeat at Tulsa

Scott Spradling in play at the Oklahoma Open. Click for more photos

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- The MCA made a successful trip on Saturday to expand the Nine Wicket Series into Oklahoma as thirteen players across two divisions battled the wickets and wind at LaFortune Park in Tulsa. Both divisions ended up with repeat winners as Dylan Goodwin defeated Matt Baird 20-9 for the 2014 Oklahoma Open Pro Division title and 16-year-old Taylor Airrington went 3-1 to claim the Gold Division title. Bill Berg also had a 3-1 record in the Gold Division, but Airrington won the head-to-head match 24-17.


Both Goodwin and Airrington started the MCA season with wins at the Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament in May and now both players will look for a three-peat on July 12 at the Kansas Challenge to be held at Mission Trail Elementary in Leawood, Kansas.


The Pro Division followed a similar storyline to the Lee's Summit event. Goodwin and Baird both started the random draw 2-0, so they met in third round to play for the number one seed in the eight-player playoff slated for the afternoon. Baird controlled that contest fairly well, with Goodwin attempting a comeback late in the game off of a challenging attack. He pieced together a mini-run while working with poor ball positions and just when it seemed to come together he missed a four-yard roquet on his red partner just before the turn stake. It was a key miss as Goodwin needed to get red clean at the nine-point wicket.

Pro Division Winner Dylan GoodwinBaird used that deadness on red later to place his black ball right next to red in last turns to keep Goodwin from partnering. Goodwin missed the 14-yard roquet and Baird claimed the top seed with a 17-15 win.

In the playoffs, Baird knocked out #8 Ron Millican 25-10, then faced #5 seed Art Parsells who had just knocked out #4 seed Greg Adams 19-10. Parsells had Baird on the ropes, but forgot about giving up a clearing in last turns, which allowed Baird to pick up an easy break and notch a hard-fought 25-24 win.

On the bottom half of the bracket, #6 Kevin McQuigg took a narrow 24-22 win over #3 Scott Spradling to advance, while Goodwin took down #7 Pat Garner 19-11. Goodwin was able to get past McQuigg 17-13 for a rematch in the final with Baird.

The final started with both players having balls for wicket #2. With blue and black, Baird set up along the south boundary about halfway over to corner 4. Goodwin tempted fate and set up on the west boundary about even with wicket 2. Baird easily made the attack and started the first break. Once he got going a stuffed wicket ended the run and unfortunately for Baird he would be plagued a few times with stuff wickets just when it looked like he would take control.

Goodwin took advantage and eventually worked past the turn wickets with his red ball to establish an early lead, but ended up with an odd deadness situation that Baird was able to manage fairly well. Red was dead on partner, while yellow was dead on opponents and for wicket #2. Baird took the break away on a couple of occasions with long attacks, but eventually Goodwin made the run with yellow. He did make things interesting though as he broke down by running the seventh wicket too strong to roll out of bounds (a common theme on the fast courts).

But deadness and time worked against Baird and Goodwin held on 20-9 for his second straight MCA win, where once again he lost in the morning round, but won in a finals re-match.

Pro Division Placings
01. Dylan Goodwin
02. Matt Baird
03. Art Parsells
04. Kevin McQuigg
05. Scott Spradling
06. Greg Adams
07. Pat Garner
08. Ron Millican


The five-player round-robin for the Gold Division shaped up with an afternoon showdown for the championship with Bill Berg at 3-0, riding a seven-game winning streak, matching up against 16-year-old Taylor Airrington at 2-1. Berg jumped to an early 11-3 lead, but he stuffed the nine-point wicket end his first run. Airrington then just grazed a 30-foot roquet attempt to get into the action. It was a critical hit-in as Berg would have been set for a four-ball break with a miss. 

Airrington systematically ran the four-ball break to take control of the game. Berg did mount one more run, but the day belonged to Airrington who repeated as a Gold Division winner and expanded his lead in the Gold points race.

Gold Division Placings

01. Taylor Airrington
02. Bill Berg
03. Jodi Adams
04. Deborah Millican
05. Diane Berg 

  • High winds marked the opening of the event. The Gold division delayed play more than once as they attempted to keep their tent from blowing back to Kansas. Southern wind gusts of 30-40 mph ultimately destroyed the tent.
  • The Oklahoma Open had 13 players participate for a strong first edition, but the event took a good run at breaking the MCA event record of 15 entries. Five more players had strong interest, but ended up opting out. A great start for the MCA's expansion to the south.
  • At Lee's Summit, Bill Berg essentially played down to help round out the newly formed Silver Division. In Oklahoma, Bill's wife Diane returned the gesture by playing up to the Gold Division, despite literally just over a month's worth of experience. For her dedication, she was awarded the Silver Division medal ordered in advance for the event.
  • Kevin McQuigg also showed extreme dedication. He was married on Wednesday and the reception was held on Saturday evening. McQuigg was somewhat relieved to be knocked out in the semi-finals.
  • According to Bill Berg, the forces of nature were still at work on Monday as a 4.2 level earthquake rocked the Tulsa metro in the morning.
  • The Kansas Challenge is up next on July 12 in Leawood, Kansas and MCA players will be looking to end streaks for both Goodwin and Airrington.

"What, this little breeze?"

--Tulsa's Kevin McQuigg responded to Bill Berg when he asked if Tulsa was Tornado Alley.

"I think it's a goner."
--Everyone after the Tulsa wind took down the 12 x 12 pop-up tent for the second time.

"Now, the afternoon games are 25 minutes, right?"
--Art Parsells after the playoff matchups were announced.

"I thought nine-wicket hoops were supposed to be wider."
--Matt Baird after taking a warm-up in the morning

"This kid is for real. He has all the shots and understands the game. He was taught by Deb Millican when he was a young boy, and now at 16, he not only has the talent, but the pedigree. He is the future of the MCA ..."
--Bill Berg on Taylor Airrington

"All he does is win everytime he comes to Oklahoma."
--Ron Millican on Taylor Airrington  

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