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02/01: 2020 MCA Annual General Meeting

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2014 MCA AGM Highlights

KANSAS CITY, MO -- The 2014 MCA Annual General Meeting started with a discussion on the overall vision and goals for the MCA. To grow the sport in the region, all present agreed that the ultimate goal is to build a multi-court facility dedicated to croquet in the Kansas City area. And once that model is proven, the idea would be to continue adding croquet facilities across the midwest region under the MCA name.

The MCA Nine-Wicket Series drives us toward that goal in that it gives us a marketing tool and a visible presence to draw in new players, while also engaging existing members. It also gives us a headstart on gaining sponsorships which are key to the type of organization we are building.

2013 MCA PRESIDENT’S AWARDS: Awards were presented to Bill Berg of Cleveland, MO for Rookie of the Year and the Off-the-Court Award. Jodi Adams scored the Most Improved Player Award and Deborah Millican received the Groundskeeper of the Year Award for her extraordinary efforts in prepping the turf at the 2013 Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament.

FINANCES: The financial report was presented and highlights of that include a record year for membership revenue that correlated with a record high for total members. There was discussion about establishing credit and Treasurer Jodi Adams is going to consult with Greg Adams on making sure the MCA is appropriately set up to tackle potential needs for facility building mentioned in the vision.

BOARD STRUCTURE: The MCA Board structure and president appointment was clarified. The president is responsible for appointing the five board members intended to vote on financial expenditures and key MCA decisions. The position of president will be approved at the AGM on an annual basis.

For 2014, Dylan Goodwin was approved for the position of MCA President. Jodi Adams (Treasurer), Debbie Breeden (Secretary), Ron Millican and Greg Clouse will all remain on the board for 2014.

Goodwin is working on a grid that identifies all responsibilities for the MCA and assignments. The idea is to begin formulating a structure so we diversify forward movement.

NINE WICKET SERIES: For the Nine-Wicket Series, the MCA announced that Tulsa, OK would host an event on June 14 at LaFortune Park. This gives the series a truly regional footprint and MCA members were excited at the prospect of expansion along with putting nine wicket croquet on a fast surface. Dates are also set for Lee’s Summit on May 17 and the MCA Championship on September 13. Goodwin is targeting one or two more events on the Kansas side. Topeka, KS is a potential target.

NINE WICKET RULES: For Nine Wicket Series rules it was acknowledged that with the USCA Nationals in Kansas City for September 19-21, there was really no choice but to adopt USCA Nine Wicket rules for the 2014 season. Discussion centered around whether or not to drop carry-over deadness for the Gold Division. Goodwin proposed this because he contends that carry-over deadness has proven to be a true deterrent for retaining new players. Ultimately, Gold Division players wanted to retain carry-over deadness. This means it will be key for a Silver Division to be developed that will not utilize carry-over deadness in order for growth to be possible.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: The MCA agreed to keep single memberships at $20 annual and family memberships at $30 annual. The MCA did clarify that memberships are valid for the calendar year. This means that no matter when you sign-up, the membership will conclude on December 31 of each year. Goodwin also indicated that he would like to propose additional premium membership tiers.

FUNDRAISERS: Greg Adams was confirmed as the project manager for the Mahaffie Farmstead Sunflower Wickets Benefit if it does indeed materialize. Adams is also considered as our lead on all fundraisers.

SPONSORSHIPS: Goodwin World Media LLC proposed to extend a relationship with the MCA for one additional year. GWM would work as the marketing firm for the MCA with the intent of managing the website, enewsletter, game day programs, player passes and other media materials. GWM has also agreed to guarantee a prize purse of $180 for the MCA Pro Points race to be paid as $100 for first place, $50 for second place and $30 for third place. GWM will also work to secure additional sponsorships, including a title sponsor that could be utilized to provide a larger purse replacing the $180 purse guaranteed by GWM. GWM is owned by MCA President Dylan Goodwin.

Peakvision Sports sponsored the Leawood Challenge in 2013 and provided four sets of sunglasses valued for prizes at the event. Ads for Peakvison will likely continue to appear on the MCA website and in newsletters for 2014. Goodwin will approach Peakvision to see if there is further interest in sponsorship for 2014.

OTHER CODES: It was noted that progress had stalled on Association, Golf Croquet and US Rules play. Goodwin proposed that a director be assigned for each segment. Billy Bob Breeden will be the director for Association Rules play and Matt Smith will direct US Rules play. The GC director assignment is still open.

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