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2019 Midwest Area Schedule

07/27: KC Open Pro (9WS)
07/28: KC Open Gold (9WS)
08/16: US GC Classic
08/17: US GC Classic
08/17: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)

02/01: 2020 MCA Annual General Meeting

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Entries in Billy Bob Breeden (38)


KC Association Championship Update

After two rounds, Billy Bob Breeden leads the event with a perfect 6-0 record. The first round took place on August 13 while round two concluded on October 23. The final round will take place with four games for each of the four players this Friday at the Kactus Creek Club in Parkville, Missouri. Results so far:

August 13

  1. Matt Smith                  beat     Matt Griffith               +24
  2. Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Dylan Goodwin          +9
  3. Dylan  Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +11
  4. Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Matt Smith                  +17
  5. Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Matt Griffith               +7
  6. Dylan Goodwin          beat     Matt Smith                  +7

October 23

  1.  Matt Smith                 beat     Matt Griffith               +5
  2.  Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Dylan Goodwin          +6
  3.  Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Smith                  +3
  4.  Dylan Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +1
  5.  Matt Smith                 beat     Dylan Goodwin          +7
  6.  Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Griffith               +3

Records: Breeden (6-0), Smith (3-3), Goodwin (3-3), Griffith (0-6)


MCA's Matt Smith Takes National Title


SHAWNEE, KS -- The final day of playoff action at the Nine Wicket Nationals in Kansas City saw steady rain, but the players battled through. In championship singles, Matt Smith knocked of Billy Bob Breeden to make the final, while Matt Baird took out George Cochran to advance.

In the final match, Baird got the first break but stuffed number five. That let Smith set up his break which he ran all the way out to the penultimate wicket. He then turned it over to his partner and finished with a double peel to claim the 2011 singles national championship.

In doubles championship play, Matt Baird and Jeff Caldwell battled Billy Bob Breeden and Matt Griffith in the final. Baird and Caldwell took a tight match 32-25 to claim the doubles title.

In the first flight singles playoff, #4 seed Jason Cole knocked off #1 Greg Adams in the semifinals. In the other semi-final, #2 Barry Dupuy beat #4 Ron Millican to advance. Cole won the final over Dupuy to claim the first flight national championship.

Video report will be available later today.


2011 USCA Nine-Wicket Nationals Preview


Midwest Regional Croquet Championship

The Midwest Regional Croquet Championships starts this week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Matt Smith, Matt Griffith, Billy Bob Breeden & Dylan Goodwin from Kactus Creek Croquet Club all will be attending this year tournament.

More to come ...


Lawn Warrior Classic Croquet Fundraiser Tournament 

 Jodi & Greg Adams, Deborah & Ron Millican, Debbie & Billy Bob Breeden all of the Missouri Croquet Association attended the first annual Lawn Warrior Classic Croquet Fundraiser tournament to benefit ALS in Lincoln, Nebraska. The William G Lauer Foundation said  the tournament was a success and they are planning to have another one next year.

2011 Winners were Jodi & Greg Adams of Kansas City, Mo.

Click here to Strike Out ALS     

More to come.......



Spring fling in Arkadelphia, AR

ARKADELPHIA, AR -- Results of the nine-wicket croquet tournament in Arkadelphia hosted by the Royal Knights Croquet Club of Arkadelphia, Arkansas are now in:

Championship: George Cochran 1st, Matt Griffith 2nd, Joe Franz and Matt Baird 3rd, Billy Bob Breeden, Jeff Caldwell, Pat Garner, Stu Brodsky 4th, Bob Bozeman and Glen Taylor 5th.

First flight: Rob Franks 1st, Ralph Bozeman 2nd, Lee Reed 3rd, Barry Dupuy 4th, Carl Jarret, Debbie Breeden, Scott Kennedy, Ron Millican 4th, Debbie Millican 5th.

They had a great tournament with the players from Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma. The Royal Knights would like thank every one for making this a successful and fun tournament.

George Cochran only had one loss to Billy Bob Breeden and Matt Griffith only lost the one game to Cochran.


Grand Prix Standings for Local Players of the USCA 

Rank    Name                     Hcap   Singles    Doubles    Total

733      Debbie Breeden      13        4              2              6

620      Jodi Adams              12       20             2            22

545      Deborah Millican      16       24             16          40

464      Ron Millican               9        44             39          83

302      Greg Adams              7       150          150          300

301     Donald Brooks           5        275           25          300

247     Dylan Goodwin          7         422           38          460

125     Billy Bob Breeden    3.5        966          448         1414

81       Matthew Griffith        2          952         1624        2576

29       Matthew B. Smith   0.5        4452         1904        6356


Tulsa Fall Classic 

TULSA, OK -- Matt Smith Wins Tulsa Classic 15 - 9 over Matt Baird in Championship division. Matt Griffith also place 3rd in championship division. In the First Flight division Don Brooks took 2nd in singles & in Second Flight singles Jodi Adams took 2nd & Deborah Millican took 3rd place. In Championship Doubles action Matt Smith & Art Parsells took 2nd & Billy Bob Breeden & Matt Griffith took 3rd. In First Flight Doubles Greg Adams & Wendell Thompson took 2nd place. All in all Missouri players played very well.

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