2018 Midwest Area Schedule

01/27: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (East)
05/05: 2018 Lee's Summit T-Bone (9WS)
06/16: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
06/17: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
07/28: KC Open (9WS)
08/18: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
09/15: MCA 9WS Championship (9WS)
11/16: 2017 MCA Awards

01/26: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (South)

BOLD = MCA Tournaments



Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament

The 2013 MCA Nine-Wicket Series will kick off on May 4 with the Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament in Lee's Summit, MO. The event will be held at Howard Park (3498 NE Independence Ave) and starts at 9:00 a.m.

There will be a singles nine-wicket division and a six-ball cutthroat division. The singles division will be played according to official USCA nine-wicket rules with options 1, 1a, 2, 3, 7, 9 and 10. Awards will be given to the top finishers in each division.

The event is sponsored by the Lee's Summit Parks & Recreation and you can register at or call 816-969-1500. Fee is $17 and the deadline is April 24.

Flyer available here:


USCA Midwest Regionals

The Midwest Regional Championships will be held on June 12-16 in Tulsa, OK, hosted by the Tulsa Croquet Club. The entry deadline is May 24. More details:


MCA Name Change: Midwest Croquet Association

LEAWOOD, KS -- The MCA held it's Annual General Meeting February 9 in Leawood, KS and announced several new changes and initiatives. The most significant change is a new name -- the Midwest Croquet Association (changed from Missouri Croquet Association). The change is intended to better represent the organization's activities on both sides of the border and allow for expansion. New president Dylan Goodwin will work with the MCA Board to get a new logo approved that reflects the new direction of the association.

The big ticket item though was the announcement of a season-long nine-wicket points race for singles play. Details will be announced later, but the concept is that players will accumulate points at events hosted throughout the region. Top points players will then qualify for the MCA Nine-Wicket Championship event in September.

Most of the dates and venues are still to be determined, but Ron Millican announced May 4 as the official date for the Lee's Summit edition of the series (more details to come). The event will kick off the nine-wicket MCA season and Millican plans to have both partner ball flights and a cut-throat (six ball) flight as well. The MCA hopes to have at least one event per month over the summer with Warrensburg, MO and Overland Park, KS being likely hosts. August is being left open as many MCA players would like the opportunity to play in the 40th edition of the Kansas City Invitational in Parkville, MO.

The MCA also announced a $5.00 bump in membership fees for both singles and couples/families. Single memberships are now $20.00 and couples/family memberships are now set at $30.00.

Former MCA president Matt Smith asked to leave the MCA Board and Ron Millican has taken his place on the five member board. The board consists of Dylan Goodwin (President), Jodi Adams (Treasurer), Debbie Breeden (Secretary), Greg Clouse and Ron Millican.


MCA Leadership Change

After roughly 18 months as President of the Missouri Croquet Association, Matt Smith turned the reigns over to Dylan Goodwin of Leawood, Kansas in November. Goodwin has served on the MCA board since 2011 and is also the Communications Committee chairman for the USCA. In addition, he is the publisher and editor for the USCA's Croquet News magazine and manages the Croquet Network news website.

"I've proposed to the core members of the MCA that we take on a more active singles nine-wicket approach to get the organization playing more competitive croquet in the KC area," said Goodwin. "And, the second priority is getting established events in the other three codes of croquet as well."

Goodwin noted that an association rules event started in 2011 and the 2012 event is in progress.

"Clearly, there are challenges for playing GC, Association and American rules events here as we only have the one court at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club in Parkville," said Goodwin "However, the association event shows that we just need to get creative with being flexible and potentially playing over multiple weekends. I'd like to see the AC event be sponsored by the MCA in 2013 and expand out to more players and possibly two flights."

"The main thing is, I just want to get a strong circuit of competitive play going here in KC."

The MCA will hold an All General Meeting (AGM) on February 9 in Leawood, Kansas to get started on planning events for 2013.


Breeden Second in Fourth Eight

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA -- The MCA's Billy Bob Breeden of Cameron, Missouri tied for second in the fourth eight at the USCA's Selection Eights association event. Breeden had an 8-6 record in his group. Thirteen-year-old Matthew Essick won the group with a 10-4 record. Harper Peterson also posted an 8-6 records. Full event results are available here and you can see Breeden's full 2012 AC record here:


Breeden Appears On Croquet Network Live

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MCA President Advances at Nationals

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MCA President Matt Smith made the playoff bracket at the USCA's National Championship in West Palm Beach, Florida. He's the sixth seed in round one and will play #11 Ted Quimby. Full bracket:

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Smith Wins Indian Territory Open

TULSA, OK -- Matt Smith of Warrensburg, Missouri took the championship flight of the Indian Territory Open held in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past weekend. Smith defeated Matt Baird of Tulsa in the final after beating Dan Bennett in round one and Jeff Caldwell in the semi-finals. Matt Griffith of Parkville, Missouri

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Golf Croquet Benefit for Johnson County Cares

Hosted by the UCM Croquet Club & Missouri Croquet Association

Date: 06/16/2012
Next to James R. Crane
Mules Baseball Stadium
King Street
Game instructions - 8:45 AM
Croquet event - 9:00 AM

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Breeden is Kansas City's AC Champion

Parkville, MO -- Billy Bob Breeden came into the final day of the Kansas City Association Championship with a perfect 6-0 record and a three game lead. He finished the event with a 2-2 record on the final day and claimed the first annual KC AC title with an 8-2 record. Matt Smith and Dylan Goodwin finished with 6-4 records and Smith took second place by virtue of a 2-1 head-to-head advantage. Special thanks to Debbie Breeden who provided lunches to the four players for the second and third rounds. Also, thanks to Matt Griffith and the Kactus Creek Croquet Club for providing the venue and court. All indications are that the event will return for 2012.

1. Billy Bob Breeden
2. Matt Smith
3. Dylan Goodwin
4. Matt Griffith


August 13

Matt Smith                  beat     Matt Griffith               +24
Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Dylan Goodwin          +9
Dylan  Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +11
Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Matt Smith                  +17
Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Matt Griffith               +7
Dylan Goodwin          beat     Matt Smith                  +7

October 23

 Matt Smith                 beat     Matt Griffith               +5
 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Dylan Goodwin          +6
 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Smith                  +3
 Dylan Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +1
 Matt Smith                 beat     Dylan Goodwin          +7
 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Griffith               +3

November 4

 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Smith                  +4
 Dylan Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +9
 Dylan Goodwin         beat     Billy Bob Breeden      +12
 Matt Smith                 beat     Matt Griffith               +2
 Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Griffith               +6
 Matt Smith                 beat     Dylan Goodwin          +15
 Dylan Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +1
 Matt Smith                 beat     Billy Bob Breeden      +25