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2018 Midwest Area Schedule

01/27: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (East)
05/05: 2018 Lee's Summit T-Bone (9WS)
06/16: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
06/17: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
07/14: Missouri Open (9WS)
07/28: KC Open (9WS)
07/29: KC Open (9WS)

08/18: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
09/15: MCA 9WS Championship (9WS)
11/16: 2017 MCA Awards

01/26: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (South)

BOLD = MCA Tournaments



Nine-Wicket National Championship for 2008  

“Show Me Your Talent” was the battle cry when the Missouri Croquet Association hosted the National 9 Wicket Croquet Tournament. Held in Shawnee Mission, KS on Oct 3-4-5, 2008, competitors from all over the United States and Canada gathered for though competition in 9 wicket singles, doubles & cutthroat playing. Three wonderful days of weather made this ideal for learning new techniques and meeting new friends. After numerous games, Winners were announced. Leading the singles competition were George Cochran, Louisiana; Matt Smith, Missouri 2nd; and Billy Bob Breeden, Missouri 3rd. Doubles winners were Matt Baird & Art Parsells, Oklahoma; Bob Kroger & Reid Fleming, Maine 2nd; & Matt Griffith & Billy Bob Breeden, Missouri 3rd. Cut throat winners included Brad Clouse, Kansas 1st; Ron Millican, Missouri, 2nd ; and Roy Morgan of Washington, DC, 3rd.

The USCA has asked the Missouri Croquet Assoc.  Again, host the 9 Wicket National Croquet Tournaments next year. Tournament dates are September 25–27, 2009 at Shawnee, KS (Mid-American Sport Complex).

Missouri Croquet would like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous donations for the National Croquet Tournament held in Shawnee, KS, on Oct. 3-5, 2008.  -- Greg & Jodi Adams

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