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2018 Midwest Area Schedule

01/27: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (East)
05/05: 2018 Lee's Summit T-Bone (9WS)
06/16: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
06/17: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
07/28: KC Open (9WS)
08/18: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
09/15: MCA 9WS Championship (9WS)
11/16: 2017 MCA Awards

01/26: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (South)

BOLD = MCA Tournaments



Windstream TV Interview with Billy Bob Breeden

To watch the interview click the attached link or you can just read it below.

After an initial objection, it didn't take much to get Billy Bob Breeden hooked on a sport. A friend asked if he wanted to play in a croquet tournament. The lure? A T-shirt, band playing and beverages - all for $12. It was fun. Next time out, he placed second in a field of 400. And 30 years later, he's still at it.

The Gallatin, Mo.,-based local manager is the United States Croquet Association Missouri-Nebraska district president, a role in which he promotes croquet at all levels and answers rules questions. He plays about eight tournaments annually and has competed in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas. 

"I'm a very competitive person and I play every chance I get," says the third-place finisher at 9 Wicket National Croquet Tournament three years ago. "I compete in four 6 wicket tournaments and four 9 wicket tournaments in the spring, summer and fall. The district also has hosted the 9W National the last four years in Kansas City, Kan.

He doesn't play with just any mallet, either. Billy Bob's is a $500 graphite model (36 inches long with an 11-inch mallet head) imported from Australia. The one-pound balls are from Africa and run $40 each.

"The money is well-spent," Billy Bob says. "I can't believe there's not more people falling all over themselves to do it." He says all ages can learn and benefit from a game that's played the world over.

It's also a family sport for Billy Bob and wife Debbie, who competes with a mallet made in New Zealand.

"It gets young people outside and older adults don't have to be athletic to compete," says the game's ambassador. "Not everyone can swing a golf club or can run to return a tennis ball, but everyone can swing a mallet," he points out.

Like any sport, the key to success is "it takes lots of practice. Practice, practice and practice," he emphasizes. When the weather is bad, Billy Bob practices in the basement of his Cameron, Mo., home with specially made portable wickets. 

"I have a dry erase board on the wall that I uses to draw out different scenarios, like you would if you were playing football."

The basement also is the place for his growing display of trophies. Practice is a stress reliever for Billy Bob and keeps him focused on a personal goal of winning a national championship. His goal is to play in the 6W Nationals at West Palm Beach, Fla., in 2012.

What's That Thing You Do?


Midwest Regional Croquet Championship

The Midwest Regional Croquet Championships starts this week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Matt Smith, Matt Griffith, Billy Bob Breeden & Dylan Goodwin from Kactus Creek Croquet Club all will be attending this year tournament.

More to come ...


Lawn Warrior Classic Croquet Fundraiser Tournament 

 Jodi & Greg Adams, Deborah & Ron Millican, Debbie & Billy Bob Breeden all of the Missouri Croquet Association attended the first annual Lawn Warrior Classic Croquet Fundraiser tournament to benefit ALS in Lincoln, Nebraska. The William G Lauer Foundation said  the tournament was a success and they are planning to have another one next year.

2011 Winners were Jodi & Greg Adams of Kansas City, Mo.

Click here to Strike Out ALS     

More to come.......



Croquet Presentation 

MCA members are scheduled to do croquet presentation to the Cameron park board on April 28. More to come......


UCM Tournament

Sixteen players played at the University of Central Missouri field on a warm April 9.  The format was high-low doubles and partners changed every game.  Evan Taylor and Annie Frisbie, members of the UCM croquet club, played their first tournament and really enjoyed the event and both played well.

Greg Clouse and Jodi Adams played great as partners and ended up winning the tournament.  Greg won in the championship flight and Jodi won in first flight.

I would like to thank eveyone for the support and look forward to hosting more tournaments in Warrensburg.

Matt Smith


Spring fling in Arkadelphia, AR

ARKADELPHIA, AR -- Results of the nine-wicket croquet tournament in Arkadelphia hosted by the Royal Knights Croquet Club of Arkadelphia, Arkansas are now in:

Championship: George Cochran 1st, Matt Griffith 2nd, Joe Franz and Matt Baird 3rd, Billy Bob Breeden, Jeff Caldwell, Pat Garner, Stu Brodsky 4th, Bob Bozeman and Glen Taylor 5th.

First flight: Rob Franks 1st, Ralph Bozeman 2nd, Lee Reed 3rd, Barry Dupuy 4th, Carl Jarret, Debbie Breeden, Scott Kennedy, Ron Millican 4th, Debbie Millican 5th.

They had a great tournament with the players from Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma. The Royal Knights would like thank every one for making this a successful and fun tournament.

George Cochran only had one loss to Billy Bob Breeden and Matt Griffith only lost the one game to Cochran.


Central Missouri Open Date Change

WARRENSBURG, MO -- Matt Smith has announced that the UCM Open will move up to Saturday, April 9. The event will be played in Warrensburg, Missouri and the formate is double golf croquet. The original date for the event was April 23.

Contact: Contact: Matt Smith ( / UCM Croquet webpage


New President for the MCA

INDEPENDENCE, MO -- At the February 26 MCA annual meeting, Matt Smith from Warrensburg took over the reigns as the new president of the Missouri Croquet Association. Greg Adams from Parkville previously served for two years as president.

In other news from the meeting, Ron Millican expressed concerns about growth for the MCA. It was noted that the new college club at Central Missouri that Smith was spearheading was showing early signs of success. Matt Griffith indicated that he had two new players at Kactus Creek through an intro to croquet class at the club. Dylan Goodwin is trying to establish a nine-wicket club in the Johnson County (KS) area of Kansas City.

Griffith also indicated that first flight would add singles play for the USCA Nine-Wicket Nationals Tournament in September, which is another step toward reaching out to developing players in the area.

The MCA also considered the purchase of a second clock at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club, but no decision was made.


2011 MCA Schedule Expands

04/09 -- Central Missouri University Open (GC) / Warrensburg, MO
Contact: Matt Smith ( / UCM Croquet webpage

05/26-30 -- USCA Midwest Regional (US) / Tulsa Croquet Club, Tulsa, OK
Contact: Erica Sherman (561-478-0760) (

06/04 -- Sunflower Wickets Benefit (GC) / Mahaffie Farmstead, Olathe, KS
Contact: Visit the Sunflower Wickets webpage

06/18 -- Lee's Summit Open (9W) / Lee's Summit, MO
Contact: Ron Millican (

07/02 -- Kactus Creek Fun Day (GC) / Kactus Creek Croquet Club, Parkville, MO
Contact: Matt Griffith ( /

07/09 -- KCCC 1st Flt (US)/ Kactus Creek Croquet Club, Parkville, MO
Contact: Matt Griffith ( /

07/16 -- KCCC Champ Flt (US) / Kactus Creek Croquet Club, Parkville, MO
Contact: Matt Griffith ( /

09/16-18 -- USCA Nine Wicket Nationals (9W) / Mid-America Sports Complex, Shawnee, KS
Contact: Matt Griffith ( /


2011 Early Tourney Dates

There are a few Midwestern Region Tourney dates floating around:

Mar 18-20 / Arkadelphia 9W Tournament / Arkadelphia, Arkansas
May 26-30 / USCA Midwestern Regionals (US) / Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jun 4 / Sunflower Wickets Benefit / Olathe, Kansas
Sep 16-18 / USCA Nine-Wicket Nationals / Shawnee, Kansas