2017 KC Area Schedule

02/18: AGM (N. Kansas City)
04/21: KC AC Invitational (AC)
04/22: KC AC Invitational (AC)
04/23: KC AC Invitational (AC)
05/06: Lee’s Summit T-Bone (9WS)
06/02: Sunflower Wickets Benefit (GC)
07/08: Missouri Open (9WS)
07/21: States Shield KS v MO (GC)
07/22: States Shield KS v MO (GC)
07/22: States Shield IL v WI (GC)
07/29: KC Open: Pro (9WS)
07/30: KC Open: Gold-Silver (9WS)

08/19: States Shield Championship (GC)
09/13: Char Bar Cup Session 1 (9W)
09/16: MCA 9WS Championship (9WS)
09/20: Char Bar Cup Session 2 (9W)
09/22: USCA 9W Nationals (9W)
09/23: USCA 9W Nationals (9W)
09/24: USCA 9W Nationals (9W)
09/27: Char Bar Cup Session 3 (9W)
11/10: 2017 President’s Awards/Town Hall

01/28: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (East)

BOLD = 9WS Tournaments



The Midwestern Croquet Association is based in the Kansas City metro area and has ties to the vibrant nine-wicket croquet scene from the 1970s. As the Missouri Croquet Association, the organization helped the USCA revive the USCA Nine Wicket National Championship in 2008. 

In 2012, the organization changed it's name to the Midwest Croquet Association and launched the MCA Nine-Wicket Series in 2013. The Series has hosted events in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

The MCA supports all four variations of croquet and plans to add events for golf croquet, Association and USCA Rules in the future.


  • Dylan Goodwin - Marketing / Sales / Events / Facilities (President)
  • Jodi Adams - Treasurer / Membership
  • Ron Millican - Equipment / Facilities
  • Darin Watson - Statistics / Tournaments
  • Justin Marciniak - Content Director / Marketing