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2018 Midwest Area Schedule

01/27: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (East)
05/05: 2018 Lee's Summit T-Bone (9WS)
06/16: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
06/17: Shield: OKC Central Quad (GC)
07/14: Missouri Open (9WS)
07/28: KC Open (9WS)
07/29: KC Open (9WS)

08/18: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Milwaukee (GC)
09/15: MCA 9WS Championship (9WS)
11/16: 2017 MCA Awards

01/26: 2018 MCA Annual General Meeting (South)

BOLD = MCA Tournaments


Entries in MCA Nine-Wicket Series (58)


Get Fired Up: Lee's Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament Registration Now Open

LEEʼS SUMMIT, Mo.—On Saturday, May 5, the Midwest Croquet Association fires up the 2018 MCA Nine Wicket Series at the Leeʼs Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament at Howard Park.

Tournament registration is open now. To sign up, contact tournament organizers Ron Millican ( or 816-510-9395) and/or Greg Adams (816-516-3262), or visit the Facebook event page. Please indicate your preferred division — Pro, Gold or Silver.

DEADLINE FOR SIGN-UP: Monday, April 30, at 5 p.m.

Starting time: 8:30 a.m.
Lunch: Food and drinks are included with entry
Address: 3498 NE Independence Avenue, Leeʼs Summit, MO

Registration fees:
MCA members: $25
Nonmembers: $30

Join the Midwest Croquet Association today. Or please arrive at the tournament early if you want to sign up for your 2018 MCA membership on site.


2017 MCA Championship Bracket Update

If you haven't already, remember to accept or decline your bid to the 2017 MCA Championship today to help the MCA set the final brackets.

Here are the lists of players and their championship bid statuses as of 1 p.m. on Sept. 5.

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Lee’s Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament Registration Deadline Tuesday

Last call! This evening at 6 p.m. is the deadline to enter to play in the Lee’s Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament this Saturday, May 6, at Howard Park. Learn about how the divisions are shaping up, how you can help on site on Saturday morning and about one significant rule change for 2017.

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Four Days Until Lee’s Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament Deadline

Remember to sign up for the Lee’s Summit T-Bone Croquet Tournament, which fires up the Midwest Croquet Association Nine Wicket Series for 2017 on Saturday, May 6.

Register by Tuesday, May 2, at 6 p.m. Email MCA president Dylan Goodwin at, or visit the Facebook event page to reserve your spot. Please indicate your preferred division.

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Clouse Roars Back

When the MCA Nine-Wicket Series launched in May of 2013 with the Stilwell Open, Greg Clouse was there. He took that first title with an 18-16 win over Dylan Goodwin in the final. Since then Clouse made many appearances in MCA 9WS finals, but had to settle for runner-up status each time.

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2016 Cleveland Open Bronze Line-up

The Bronze Division for the 2016 Cleveland Open will change format with a head-to-head singles in round-robin play. The Bronze Division will not utilize carry-over deadness like the other divisions, but will otherwise follow the same rules of nine wicket croquet as the Silver Division with a 50-minute clock, last turns and three time-outs per player. Game times and court assignments are below. In addition, we will be experimenting with the bracket website and a link is below to follow the scores on that website.

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2016 Lee's Summit T-Bone Pro Schedule

The MCA Pro Division for the 2016 Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament will utilize two blocks for the morning with all players advancing to an eight-player knockout. Schedule follows.


8:30 AM
Griffith vs B. Berg
R. Millican vs G. Adams

9:45 AM
Griffith vs G. Adams
R. Millican vs B. Berg

11:00 AM
Griffith vs R. Millican
G. Adams vs B. Berg


8:30 AM
Clouse vs D. Millican
Goodwin vs Johnson

9:45 AM
Clouse vs Johnson
Goodwin vs D. Millican

11:00 AM
Clouse vs Goodwin
Johnson vs D. Millican





Updated website information on the Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament will appear here: 

Use #MCA9WS for the most up to date news on social media. 


2016 MCA 9WS Schedule

LEAWOOD, KS -- The MCA Nine Wicket Series is pleased to announce five events for the 2016 season. All of the 2015 tournaments are back on the schedule, plus the Cleveland Croquet Club will add the Cleveland Open to the mix for the weekend of June 11-12, 2016. The Cleveland Croquet Club is located near Cleveland, Missouri, on State Line Road. More details will be provided at a later date. 

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2016 MCA AGM: USCA Rules for 2016

BELTON, MISSOURI -- The 2016 MCA Annual General Meeting was held at the Belton Wellness Center in Belton, Missouri on January 30, 2016 with a lunch sponsored by MCA partner Goodwin World Media LLC. Several topics were covered but the key story continues to be record-breaking growth in both membership and revenue for the MCA. Since launching the MCA Nine Wicket Series in 2013, the MCA has broken both membership and revenue records each year. For 2016, the MCA brought in $2493 in revenue which is up from $370 in 2012. On the membership side, the MCA had 43 members in 2016 versus nine in 2012.

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Millican Wins 2015 Six Ball Championship

Darin Watson was ready for the rain on Friday nightCROQUET, INTERRUPTED

BELTON, MO -- After a long night of rain delays and tornado sirens, Deborah Millican went on a last ball last turns run to claim the 2015 MCA Six Ball Championship under the lights at Markey Park this evening in Belton, Missouri. The fun started when Dylan Goodwin started a late run but peeled Jason Johnson's blue ball to clear him of severe deadness at wicket five. Goodwin broke down but picked back up another break to start last turns that ended after a missed roquet after 12PW.

Deborah Millican (L)


Free of deadness, Johnson pieced together a break that looked like it would go the distance. Unfortunately, he dribbled through 11PW and had a hampered shot on the roquet. When he missed, Millican picked it up anc started her break at wicket six. She went all the way around, but as the last ball, the game ended when she cleared 13PW.

01. Deborah Millican - 13
02. Dylan Goodwin - 12
03. Jason Johnson - 11
04. Di Berg - 3
05. Ron Millican - 3
06. Renee Potter - 3 

01. Dylan Goodwin - 16
02. Di Berg - 12
03. Darin Watson - 10
04. Cade Millican - 7

01. Jason Johnson - 16
02. Deborah Millican - 16
03. Brevin Millican - 11
04. Gwyneth Bowen - 7

01. Ron Millican - 11
02. Renee Potter - 6
03. Bill Berg - 6
04. Amy Romines - 5
05. Josh Reed - 4