Griffith Defends the Home Turf
Sunday, August 3, 2014 at 8:00PM
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Matt Griffith

PARKVILLE, MO -- Matt Griffith had to work hard in the final, but he defended his home court in a back and forth 22-21 thriller over last year's MCA Champion Paul Miller on Sunday at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club in Parkville, Missouri. It was Griffith's first MCA Nine Wicket Series appearance and Miller's first appearance since his MCA Championship win last September.


The final capped off a full weekend of play with 21 players playing on two modified nine wicket courts at the single court facility. The Silver Division ran on Saturday with nine players in the action. The mixed Pro and Gold Division kicked off Sunday with a steady and chilly August rain that certainly drew complaints, but ultimately had no effect on the schedule.

Paul MillerGriffith pegged out both of his block games to draw the number one seed in the eight-player Pro Playoff bracket. He started off with a 19-9 win over Bill Berg in round one which was a re-match from block play. He then worked around some deadness issues to end Dylan Goodwin's three-tourney win streak with a 16-10 win.

Miller went into the bracket as the #3 seed and pegged out in round one against Debbie Breeden with a 32-9 score. He then took on Billy Bob Breeden and scratched out a narrow 20-19 win by pegging out one of Breeden's balls.

In the final Griffith got the first big run in and maintained a lead through most of the game, but Miller clawed his way back in and with time running down he made a late break that looked good enough to take the lead. At 11PW, he scored the hoop to tie the game but he made it strong and that left him with a six yard roquet to continue the break. Time went off just prior to his shot and he missed the roquet.

Griffith then hit and set his partner a short set up on the 8-point peg and set a leave. After Miller missed a full court line ball, Griffith hit the peg and took the one-point win. 

The Gold Division had four players consisted of four players who failed to make the Pro Playoff. Jason Johnson fell into the Gold and returned to his old stomping grounds to another claim his third career gold title with a 32-10 win over Keith Berg.


Matt Griffith 19-9 over Bill Berg
Dylan Goodwin 20-8 over Jodi Adams
Paul Miller 32-9 over Debbie Breeden
Billy Bob Breeden 17-10 over Greg Adams

Matt Griffith 16-10 over Dylan Goodwin
Paul Miller 20-19 over Billy Bob Breeden

Matt Griffith 22-21 over Paul Miller 

Final Order
01. Matt Griffith
02. Paul Miller
03. Billy Bob Breeden
04. Dylan Goodwin
05. Jodi Adams
06. Debbie Breeden
07. Greg Adams
08. Bill Berg 


Jason Johnson 18-17 over Deborah Millican
Keith Berg 23-14 over Ron Millican

Jason Johnson 32-10 over Keith Berg 

Final Order
01. Jason Johnson
02. Keith Berg
03. Deborah Millican
04. Ron Millican

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