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2019 Midwest Area Schedule

07/27: KC Open Pro (9WS)
07/28: KC Open Gold (9WS)
08/16: US GC Classic
08/17: US GC Classic
08/17: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)
08/19: Shield Championship-Tulsa (GC)

02/01: 2020 MCA Annual General Meeting

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Entries in Bill Berg (40)


2013 MCA Championship: Gold Division Bracket

The match-ups and times are set for the Gold Division Championship Playoff to be held Saturdary, September 14 at Markey Park in in Belton, MO. The play-off is single-elimination. Lunch is not included, but there will be a gap provided for all players and there are plenty of restaurant options near the facility. The event is free for qualified MCA members. Non-members that have qualified will simply need to join the MCA and can do that by paying the membership fee of $20 Saturday morning.

Wildcard - 9:45 a.m.
#4 Justin Marciniak vs #5 Jodi Adams

Semi-Finals - 11:00 a.m.
#1 Bill Berg vs Wildcard Winner
#2 Debbie Millican vs #3 Keith Berg

Gold Division Final - 1:30 p.m.

A six-ball (cut-throat) will run during this event as well. The first match in six ball will start at 10:00 a.m. and will include Bill Berg and Keith Berg. Debbie Millican will also be in this match if she is available. The rest of that match will be filled with losing players from the first round of the pro bracket. The second six ball match will be scheduled as players are available with the six-ball championship taking place at 3:00 p.m.

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Johnson Retains Lead in Gold Division

Jason Johnson held on to his lead in the Gold Division despite missing out on the Gold Final this past Saturday in Leawood, Kansas. Johnson is at 170 points, but that will have to hold as he will be unable to attend the MCA Championship in September. In the meantime, Bill Berg moved up to second place with 148 points, while Deborah Millican maintained third place with 141 points.

RankFirstLastGPWinsLossesTotal WicketsWicket Average
6S. JasonCole2113718.50

PeakVision Leawood Challenge: Miller Begins Streak

Miller and Clouse in the Pro FinalLEAWOOD, KS -- Paul Miller took his second straight MCA tournament with a 28-16 win over Greg Clouse in the Pro Division Final of the PeakVision Leawood Challenge. In the Gold Division, Deborah Millican took the title with a 21-7 win over Bill Berg in the final.


In the Pro Division final, Clouse looked to be in good shape as he ran his break through the turn until he croqueted a ball out of bounds near 11PW from the turn stake area with a hand shot. That's right, Clouse got enough power on the nine-wicket style hand stop shot to travel at least 30 feet. Of course, the game was held on court two which was the fastest of the three courts, and in this case it was costly for Clouse.

He did have a chance later in the game, but he roqueted his partner to work on an attack toward blue with his red ball. Unfortunately, he was dead on blue and in an odd twist Miller mentioned it to him before he actually hit the blue ball. Still, it was a damaging error and it helped Miller snatch control of the game.

Not only was it Miller's second straight tourney win, but he's also got a nine-game winning streak going as he was a perfect 6-0 in the event.

Gold FinalistsGold Final Experiences Sequence Issues

The Gold Division Final between Berg and Millican will mainly be remembered for a lengthy delay due to a potential out of sequence play midway through the game. Unfortunately, although something appeared to be out of whack, neither player could piece together the actual sequence error.

Play had to continue as the balls lay. It seemed to fire up Millican though as she went on a tear shortly after to roll to a 21-7 win. Berg was the only player to work in six games during the event so fatigue could have also been a factor.

Prize Package

Click to Find Out More About PeakVision's SD7 ModelKansas City Croquet Club member Paul Moore and CEO/Founder of PeakVision Sports came through with a great set of prizes. Finalists in both divisions were each awarded a of pair PeakVision Sunglasses.

Pro Playoff Results

#3 Robert Fournier over #6 Greg Adams 27-15
#4 Ron Millican over #5 Dylan Goodwin 21-17 

#2 Greg Clouse over #3 Robert Fournier 22-21
#1 Paul Miller over #4 Ron Millican 28-14

#1 Paul Miller over #2 Greg Clouse 28-16

Gold Playoff Results

#4 S. Jason Cole over #5 Keith Berg 23-12
#3 Bill Berg over #6 Carl Distefano 10

#1 Deborah Millican over #4 S. Jason Cole 22-14
#3 Bill Berg over #2 Jason Johnson 15-11

#1 Deborah Millican over #3 Bill Berg 21-7


Johnson Extends Lead in the Gold Division

Jason Johnson extended his lead in the Gold Division with his second title of the year at Lee's Summit this past Saturday. Bill Berg utilized his extra game in the championship to move into second place on the list. Full standings:

RankFirstLastGPWinsLossesTotal WicketsWicket Average

It's Miller Time

Paul Miller won the Pro Division

Lee's Summit, MO - Paul Miller of El Dorado, Kansas battled through a full day of Pro Division action at the Lee's Summit T-Bone Tournament in Lee's Summit, MO to win the overall title. He beat Dylan Goodwin in 17-15 in the final.


The Pro Division had eight players and utilized three rounds of a random draw that matched up players with equal wins in each round. Matt Smith took the top seed out of the draw with a 3-0 record. He defeated Jodi Adams in round one of the playoff then withdrew. Miller was the five seed on that side of the bracket and advanced with an 18-17 win over four seed Greg Adams. The withdrawal of Smith gave Miller a bye to the championship.

On the other side of the bracket, Goodwin was the two seed, based on a 2-1 record with the loss being 22-21 nail-biter against Matt Smith. He played Greg Clouse in round one, after finishing the draw with a narrow 16-15 win over Clouse. The playoff went a little better as Goodwin won 28-9. Robert Fournier was the three seed and defeated six seed Ron Millican 22-17 to advance to the semi-finals against Goodwin.

Click for full photo galleryFournier had a last turns opportunity after going cross court to roquet his own corner ball resting in corner two. He tried a long peel at the 10PW that failed and left himself with a tough hoop shot and Goodwin prevailed 21-18. 

In the final, Miller took early control when he stole an early break from Goodwin by placing his blue ball between red and black near wicket wicket three. Red was dead on blue and it reversed the set up and made a break for Miller.

Goodwin picked his way around the court to get back into the game and during last turns set a break for red near the 11PW that could have been the winner, but he left an opportunity for Miller to hit yellow. He ricocheted off the center wicket but did indeed hit yellow and gave red a tough hit-in on black back near the turning steak. Goodwin missed and Miller celebrated the 17-15 win. 

In the Gold Division, Jason Johnson now has a two-tourney win streak going as he defeated Bill Berg 18-10 in the final to take the title. The win gave Johnson a chance to avenge a 20-16 loss to Berg earlier in the day.


Pro Division

1. Paul Miller (3-2)
2. Dylan Goodwin (4-2)
3. Matt Smith (4-0)
4. Robert Fournier (3-2)
5. Greg Adams (2-2)
6. Ron Millican (1-3)
7. Greg Clouse (1-3)
8. Jodi Adams (0-4)

Gold Division

1. Jason Johnson (4-1)
2. Bill Berg (3-2)
3. Deborah Millican (3-1)
4. Keith Berg (1-3)
5. Justin Marciniak (0-4) 


Bill Berg Photos From Stilwell Open


Commanding Lead for Clouse in the Pro Division

Rank First Last GP Wins Losses Total Wickets Wicket Average
1 Greg Clouse 4 4 0 111 27.75
2 Paul Miller 4 2 2 77 19.25
3 Dylan Goodwin 4 3 1 75 18.75
4 Ron Millican 3 2 1 59 19.67
5 Robert Fournier 3 1 2 54 18.00
6 Carl Distefano 2 0 2 33 16.50
7 Debbie Millican 2 1 1 32 16.00
8 Jason Johnson 2 0 2 22 11.00
9 Bill Berg 2 0 2 14 7.00


Pro Division points are earned from Pro Division playoff games and open/Pro Division block games. Due to open block games, it is possible for Gold Division players to earn points in both the Pro Division and the Gold Division. It is also possible for a Gold Division player to qualify for the MCA Championship in both or all divisions.


Johnson Leads MCA Gold Division

Rank First Last GP Wins Losses Total Wickets Wicket Average
1 Jason Johnson 2 2 0 55 27.50
2 Debbie Millican 2 1 1 27 13.50
3 Carl Distefano 1 0 1 12 12.00
4 Bill Berg 1 0 1 12 12.00

Gold Division points are earned from Gold Division only games in either block or playoff games. Due to open block games, it is possible for Gold Division players to earn points in both the Pro Division and the Gold Division. It is also possible for a Gold Division player to qualify for the MCA Championship in both or all divisions.


Clouse Racks 'Em Up in Stilwell

Pro Division FinalistsStilwell, KS -- Greg Clouse rolled through the Stilwell Open with relative ease in the early going. Clouse took 32-9 and 32-8 wins in block play to take the number one overall seed in the Pro Division Playoff. In the semi-finals, he knocked out Paul Miller 29-12. In the championship game he survived a late attack by Dylan Goodwin to claim the Stilwell Open title with an 18-16 win. Goodwin as the three seed, had advanced with a tight 18-16 win over two-seed Ron Millican on his side of the bracket. Clouse, Goodwin and Millican were all 2-0 in block play.


The final between Goodwin and Clouse came down to last turns. Goodwin was first ball with red and cleared 11PW to pull within two wickets of Clouse. He failed to gain a foward rush on black and then made a key mistake in trying to roll black toward 13PW while taking red toward blue near 14PW. He ended up wired and tried to jump the 15PW for the roquet on blue but missed by a foot.

The easier solution would have been to leave black and go set yellow (dead on red) in front of its wicket (six). Yellow could have then wired black from blue.

In the Gold Division, playoff Debbie Millican started as the number one seed after coming up on the short end of the gross points tiebreaker among the 1-1 block players. Debbie beat newcomer Bill Berg 14-12 in the semi-finals for a berth in the championship game. As the three seed, Jason Johnson caught fire in the semi-final and took a 32-12 win over Carl Distefano who is also brand new to the sport. In the final, Johnson took the win over Debbie with a 23-12.

First and second place in both divisions received white baseball caps with the host Kansas City Croquet Club logo.

Standings in the MCA Nine-Wicket Points Series are being tabulated and will be posted when they are available.


Gold Division FinalistsPro Division
1. Greg Clouse
2. Dylan Goodwin
3. Ron Millican
4. Paul Miller
5. Robert Fournier

Gold Division
1. Jason Johnson
2. Debbie Millican
3. Carl Distefano
4. Bill Berg


A Block
Greg Clouse 32-9 over Debbie Millican
Debbie Millican 23-14 over Jason Johnson
Greg Clouse 32-8 over Jason Johnson

B Block
Dylan Goodwin 23-7 over Bill Berg
Robert Fournier 20-7 over Bill Berg
Dylan Goodwin 18-13 over Robert Fournier

C Block
Paul Miller 26-19 over Carl Distefano
Ron Millican 23-14 over Carl Distefano
Ron Millican 20-16 over Paul Miller


#4 Paul Miller 23-21 over Robert Fournier

#1 Greg Clouse 29-12 over #4 Paul Miller
#3 Dylan Goodwin 18-16 over #2 Ron Millican

#1 Greg Clouse 18-16 over #3 Dylan Goodwin


#1 Debbie Millican 14-12 over #4 Bill Berg
#3 Jason Johnson 32-12 over #2 Carl Distefano

#2 Jason Johnson 23-13 over #1 Debbie Millican


Stilwell Open Game Times

We've got a great turnout considering the holiday weekend with nine players committed. We've got a few new players in the mix as well so this turnout bodes well for the Lee's Summit event as well.

For Saturday, you should be at the courts by 8:30 a.m. and they should be set for practice on right around 8:00 a.m.
Nine is a bit of a tough number for tournaments especially considering this group doesn't fit neatly into Pro and Gold divisions. I've set it as three blocks of three and the top five performers will go to the Pro Division playoff while the bottom four will go to the Gold Division playoff. All players are guaranteed three games. The block tie-breaker is head-to-head, gross wickets, net wickets, lag for the stake. Times and blocks listed below.

Lunch is provided and is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Camping chairs are a good idea and if you have a pop-up tent those are always good to have. I will have one set up.
Prizes awarded for 1st and 2nd place in each playoff.
Greg Clouse
Jason Johnson
Debbie Millican
Dylan Goodwin
Robert Fournier
Bill Berg
Paul Miller
Ron Millican
Carl Distefano
Round 1 - 9:00 a.m
CT1 - G Clouse vs D Millican
CT2 - D Goodwin vs B Berg
CT3 - P Miller vs C Distefano
Round 2 - 10:15 a.m.
CT2 - J Johnson vs D Millican
CT3 - R Fournier vs B Berg
CT1 - R Millican vs C Distefano
Round 3 - 12:30 p.m.
CT3 - G Clouse vs J Johnson
CT1 - D Goodwin vs R Fournier
CT2 - P Miller vs R Millican
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