KC Association Championship Update
Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 10:11PM
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After two rounds, Billy Bob Breeden leads the event with a perfect 6-0 record. The first round took place on August 13 while round two concluded on October 23. The final round will take place with four games for each of the four players this Friday at the Kactus Creek Club in Parkville, Missouri. Results so far:

August 13

  1. Matt Smith                  beat     Matt Griffith               +24
  2. Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Dylan Goodwin          +9
  3. Dylan  Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +11
  4. Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Matt Smith                  +17
  5. Billy Bob Breeden      beat     Matt Griffith               +7
  6. Dylan Goodwin          beat     Matt Smith                  +7

October 23

  1.  Matt Smith                 beat     Matt Griffith               +5
  2.  Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Dylan Goodwin          +6
  3.  Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Smith                  +3
  4.  Dylan Goodwin         beat     Matt Griffith               +1
  5.  Matt Smith                 beat     Dylan Goodwin          +7
  6.  Billy Bob Breeden     beat     Matt Griffith               +3

Records: Breeden (6-0), Smith (3-3), Goodwin (3-3), Griffith (0-6)

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